Federal officials consider seismic shift to food policy
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Author:  Doug [ Thu Mar 19, 2015 12:51 pm ]
Post subject:  Federal officials consider seismic shift to food policy

Federal officials are considering a new set of dietary guidelines that include not just what’s on your plate, but the broader impacts of food choices — including how that food was produced.

Making these field-to-fork connections would be a seismic shift in our national food policy — and not surprisingly, industry pushback has been fierce. Tell USDA, FDA and the White House it's time to connect the dots.

Here’s the backstory to this extraordinary opportunity.

Last month, the panel of independent experts that reviews our national dietary guidelines recommended that as a nation, we move toward a "sustainable diet." This powerful concept — already influencing food policies throughout Europe — focuses on what it will take to have a healthy food system for all, now and into the future.

The panel stated:

"Meeting current and future food needs will depend on two concurrent approaches: altering individual and population dietary choices and patterns and developing agricultural and production practices that reduce environmental impacts and conserve resources, while still meeting food and nutrition needs."

While current guidelines focus mostly on the dietary choices side of the equation, the "sustainable diet" concept opens up a much-needed conversation about the health and environmental impacts of our food production, choices and policies.

Our food system should nourish and sustain us, not cause health and environmental harm. Contact the USDA, Congress, your Senators, the White House and other Federal agencies expressing your support for this change.

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