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 Post subject: Growing grapefrute in BC
PostPosted: Sat Jul 30, 2011 9:39 pm 

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OK first and foremost ... I am sory about the spelling I never was too good with it in school. (used spellcheck but that can not fix everything)

now next for the past 3-4 years *lost track of time wow* ... I been growing this grapefruit tree it is now 35 inches (2ft11). it all started with this seed I found in my grapefruit I bought from the store and it was
already growing. of the four trees that actually grew out of that seed it was the smallest weakest ... and also only one to survive initially... ironic I guess though I didn’t know what I was doing then ... and relay still don’t. I have transplanted it a few times now each time though I suspected I waited a little too long but still it kept growing, was surprised to find after the 2nd transplant it one of its first roots a fairly large one for its size at the time die off and it just grew a new set and kept going... this year it finally grew its first actual branch I was delighted its starting to grow a second now and trying for a third and perhaps a fourth from what I can see. anyways I got a few questions that perhaps you can help with

1 cas for some reason its main root has decided to grow in a strange spiral pattern .... might be something I did when I transplanted it when it was younger and don’t remember *probably advice from someone if I did that* ... but it isn’t from its pot being too small since it starts near the base of the tree and sorta corkscrews downward. I suspect it might actuallyy have to do with that root that died during the 2nd transplant cas this one grew out of its side. anyways I amwonderingg if this is ok ? and if not how to fix it ? the tree doesn’t seem to mind now but I wounder about later in life.

2 how often should I water it ? I have had mixed research on this as some say grapefruits don’t like too much water others say they need lots I have come to realize I have been under watering it *leaves curl up from time to time and some of them get crispy brown and die* ... but how much is too much ?

3 I JUST transplanted it again into a large bucket ... it was literally starting to try and grow through the bottom of its last tinny pot figured it was about time though I know its probably a bad time of year to transplant I felt it needed this new pot NOW since its trying to grow so many new branches... anyways I dug the tree out as easily as I could ... which proved not so easy near the end where the roots held the dirt together ... but I tried my best to be gentle
I pulled off as much dirt as possible and exposed all the roots... and then put it into the new pot and gave it a nice large drink... admittedly this was NOT easy with a 35 inch(2ft11) tree but I managed to do it without damaging leaves etc ... this is the procedure I been using since the begging but now I wounder is this the correct way to do it ? and is there
a better way ? I don’tt wana kill it I love this tree. if this is theincorrectt way I feel silly butdon’tt know any other way as of right now

anyways thats about all I can remember at the moment I think there was 1 other question I had but cant remember ... dose anyone have any tips on how to grow this tree I wana do a good job and not kill it and today I am actually relay worried about it cas I been growing it so very long

ok last econd edit figured I would add ... the water jug I use atm was a 1.5L container I gave it the whole container hope that was enough

PostPosted: Fri Sep 09, 2011 8:54 am 
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If you're growing this grapefruit in British Columbia then it will be a house plant or for a greenhouse. Treat it like an indoor plant, don't overwater it and keep an eye out for pests like mealy bugs that will indicate that the plant is in stress.


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