Muenster Dog Foods improves my dogs' allergy problem
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Author:  Doug [ Fri Oct 16, 2009 6:14 am ]
Post subject:  Muenster Dog Foods improves my dogs' allergy problem

I am so grateful that through so many years of searches, I finally found Muenster Natural. It is truly helping my two dog's skin allergy problems that bothered them for years. My two dogs (one is Beagle, the other one is ShiZu) both have the skin allergy problem for years. I got to know your products through my brother who has two Pugs. My brother highly recommends to try your products to cure my dogs' skin allergy problems because Muenster products cure his two pugs skin allergy problem and his other friends dogs too. In September, I purchased three 20 lb. Muenster Milling Dog Foods. My two dogs deeply loved your products after the 1st try. Prior to every meal, they could not stop waving their tails and they always lick their mouth after meals. It seems their skin allergy problem is dramatically reduced day by day, also their inner ears are not so dry and red anymore. Thank God, I finally found Muenster Dog Foods that can improve my two dogs' allergy problem and reduce their pains and suffering. Muenster Milling dog food is the savior for my two poor dogs that are suffering from skin problems for years. I refuse to accept the Vet's other suggestion to cure my dogs' skin problems by injecting Steroid in them for the rest of their lives.

Faithful and Happy Customer,

Author:  northwesterner [ Tue Oct 27, 2009 9:49 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Muenster Dog Foods improves my dogs' allergy problem

My dogs eat the Muenster dog food and love it, but my American Staffordshire terrier, with her thin coat and bare tummy still has allergy problems--the skin on her tummy develops a rash. I used to get a small tablet from the vet that helped, along with a steroid spray for occasional use if the rash got worse.

This year when I went in to get the allergy tablet, he said that they've switched to using the over the counter Zyrtec, that this has been found as effective for dogs as the previous prescription dose she was getting.

As an Allegra user myself, I went to one of the Dollar stores to pick up a box of 45 generic pills for about $7 (much cheaper than Zyrtec itself, or the grocery store knockoff brands). It worked just fine, and I even started using it for my allergies, and they respond well to it, so I'm not fooling with the Allegra Rx any more.

I found that Sam's Club carries a package of 350 generic Zyrtec for about $16 (Costco also has it, comparable price, but I found them to be so rude when I asked about making a purchase there without a card that I won't ever join that group, but that's another story).

So, not to hijack your topic, your original point is a good one--Muenster natural is good for the animals, in particular because it has no preservatives. But if you need a boost, try the antihistamine. Same dose for a dog as a person, one pill per day.

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