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 Post subject: Cats attitude
PostPosted: Mon Jul 01, 2013 9:55 am 

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Hello! Cat's have an attitude of their own. I have a couple of questions. 1> What can I do to catch the litter that the cat scoops out of the pan? I have two pans, each 7" high, but he throws that stuff all over the place. The tile is permanently stained now. 2> He's overweight. I feed him Iams for older cats. Should I go back to "weight loss formula"? [Tried Muenster several times, and he sticks his nose up at it.] Or is there another quality food I could try? 3> He has learned how to open my back door. The handle is the lever type and he can reach up, pull the lever down and push the door out. The door opens outward. [Mobile home] Other than changing the handle, what can I do? Thank you for polite responses.

 Post subject: Re: Cats attitude
PostPosted: Tue Dec 03, 2013 12:57 am 

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1> Dropcloth under the litter box -or- [maybe] litter box with taller walls.

1.5> Cleaning the tile? I got nuthin... I wonder what vinegar or isopropyl alcohol might do. [test on inconspicuos area...]

2> Mix the Muenster with the IAMs; make him work to pick out the food he will eat; probably he eats less/loses weight.

3> I am convinced that Cats are smarter than they let on. See below:

A relative of mine used to have a cat. The cat had trained my relative to do "tricks".

That cat enjoyed sitting on a porch behind a screen door, smugly surveying all that he could see and smelling the great outdoors. Unhappily, there were two doors between the cat and his spot on the porch behind the screen door. So first obstacle, the living room door, a wooden interior door: cat walks up to the closed door, puts his paw on the carpet, rotates his wrist 180, knuckles now brushing the carpet, slides the paw underneath the door, choink! claws extend into the soft unpainted wood on the bottom of the door, cat backs up, door gets dragged open, cat moves to next door. (The 1st door's latch does not work, it is misaligned or something; old house...) Nobody taught the cat that the door latch was loose or any of the steps in the foregoing procedure.

Cat wanted past the door and figured out how to get past it all by himself.

But that left the second door, a metal exterior door. No problem: the cat uttered a simple command, Meowww-r-r-p, Meowww-r-r-p, a couple of times and simply waited for his trained human [my relative] to come open the second door. Voila, porch access...

...for a cat with a plan; and a trainable human.

Does your door have a lock? Can you hang a key on the wall for humans to use?

 Post subject: Re: Cats attitude
PostPosted: Tue Dec 03, 2013 5:58 pm 
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If you use a litter box that has a hooded top so the cat comes and goes through only the opening on the front, there is a lot less litter on the floor. I kept a whisk broom and dustpan nearby and swept the area any time I went past. I'd think the drop cloth could become a tripping hazard or even a spot for the cat to decide to pee on outside the box (with much litter buildup on it.)

To lose weight feed the cat less. Your vet can give you a diet food and will tell you exactly how much to give the animal.


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