Natural Dog Food is the Winning Choice
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Author:  Doug [ Tue Nov 22, 2005 11:03 am ]
Post subject:  Natural Dog Food is the Winning Choice

We recently acquired a three year old registered Cairn Terrier with the understanding from the couple who gave her to us that if she didn't work out with us, we would take her back to them. They sent what was left of her Kibbles & Chunks, and since we weren't sure we would keep her, we didn't buy Muenster Natural Dog Food at first. When it became obvious that she was going to be as happy with us as we were with her, my husband went and got the Muenster. Since we didn’t want to be wasteful, we mixed the remaining Kibbles & Chunks in with the Muenster. We began to notice that the name brand food was on the floor next to her feeding dish, so we decided to watch her eat. She would either root the Kibbles & chunks out on the floor or if she got any in her mouth, she actually spit it back out!! We were amazed and tickled to see her doing this. She was a bit overweight when we got her, but after about six weeks she has slimmed down to the size she should be, and she eats once a day even though her food is in the dish all day. If I happen to put out more than she usually eats, she leaves that extra until the next day. This food is the most amazing thing for pets.
Richard & Vera, Mineral Wells

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