Moving, how to bring the outdoor cats?
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Author:  stuart [ Thu Aug 17, 2006 7:47 am ]
Post subject:  Moving, how to bring the outdoor cats?

My wife and I have recently moved about 8 miles from our home of 17 years. We have three cats which are all outside cats, they never come in the house. One cat has lived in the house the entire time we have and another all but a year of the 17. The third cat adopted us about 3-4 years ago, she took a liking to the food on the porch.

My question is how do we move these cats? Not the actual method of physically moving but how can we relocate them and not have them immediately start heading to their old house? I worry about them wandering too far as there are predetors in the fields nearby. My wife is too allergic to them to consider moving them inside so they must remain outdoor cats.

I'm thinking we put a cat door in the detached (auxilliary) garage and create a pen outside the garage for gradually acclimating them. One member of a cat forum I querried called it a "Catzebo! LOL)Has anyone tried this?


Author:  kgolf [ Thu Aug 17, 2006 10:17 pm ]
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hmmm... tough that you can't bring them inside for a few days.
I used to transport my cats to my many houses (I rented alot).
I pretty much had to trust that they wouldn't go anywhere far once acclimated.
I did keep them inside for a day or so to let them get used to the unfamiliar surroundings. Keep their toys, bedding etc close to comfort them. Then gradually let them explore outside. I like your idea about putting them in the outside building. That was going to be my next suggestion. I believe that once they figure out that it is their home too, they will become territorial so to speak.
I always worried about coons etc. at night, but again, I had to trust that they knew to stay clear.
Food is always a good reason to stick around too.
Maybe keep them inside during the nights for awhile, and gradually acclimate them outside during the day.
Catch them before it gets too dark and put them back in.
Do this at feeding time or some other time when they know you are not about to get them. One of my cats would run from me because she knew I was about to get her and put her in the cat carrier. So, I had to sneak up on her...
I believe in letting an animal enjoy life and have fun being outside (or both inside/outside as well). A certain amount of trust has to be there to be comfortable with that I guess.
Good luck.

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