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PostPosted: Thu Apr 22, 2004 8:06 am 
hello all I am new here and want to ask a couple questions I have access to horse poop,goatpoop, and chicken poop as we have the animals. First off can I just add this to my bucket and add water as I've read in here? What is the molasses for or shuld I say in what do I put it in and how much, I have'nt heard of this. And also what is the aquarium for? Wow this is so interesting.
Where can I get dry molasses as its expensive isnt it?
Thanks for any help here.

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PostPosted: Thu Apr 22, 2004 12:06 pm 

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Welcome my friend!

There are literally dozens of various creative organic tea recipes that you can use for your lawn or garden. You can make a tea out of any "greens" material that you normally compost. Everything from manures, grasses, weeds, herbs, food scraps, meats, cattle feeds, etc. However a true aerobic compost tea is the best of all versions.

Every other kind of tea is simply just a natural liquid fertilizer, with maybe some beneficial aerobic microbes in it. Aerobic teas are biostimulants. They fertilize plants/soil, fight diseases and pests, aerate the soil, build plant immune systems, speed up compost decomposition, and increase beneficial microbes and earthworms in the soil.

Molasses is the king of all sugar products because it contains potassium, sulfur, iron, and other nutrients. However all sugar products are biostimulants that increase microbial growtrh in tea brews or in composting. All sugars are high in carbon and easily digestible by all microbes.

When making a non-aerated tea out of raw manures or any other questionable organic matter that may be loaded with pathogenic bacteria like raw manures do, always add a little molasses , sugar, or corn syrups to the mixture prior to dilution and application time, in order to guarantee fast decomposition and neutralization of these bad microbes via the good aerobic microbes that will grow and come from the air and the soil on your plants later.

Aerobic tea brews never have these pathogenic bacteria problems. All the stinky bad microbes get digested and sterlized in 1-3 days in the presence of good aerobic mature compost and constant oxygen from the air pump.

Check out the "announcement" on tea brewing on the Composting forum too.
Happy Gardening!

The entire Kingdom of God can be totally explained as an Organic Garden (Mark 4:26)
William Cureton

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