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PostPosted: Tue May 11, 2010 10:56 am 
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Thank you for the note and pictures.

I have to say that your program has taught me what I had always hoped gardening could be. In fact, when we first moved from NE Missouri to Greenville almost 5 years ago, my husband tried to convince me that gardens are ugly. Well mine were, honestly. But in my defense, I never had a garden on my property. I used the university community plot. Loading up 4 kids and driving across town doesn't lend itself to much success.

My first garden here was the traditional row and furrow in 2006. Not a good year to be learning to grow in Texas. The next season, I was terminally pregnant with boy #6 and decided to plant fruit trees instead of a garden.

The next year, I tried raised beds using "the Square Foot Garden" as my guide. I had better results, but the location was not good, good soil, but less than 5 hours of direct sunlight. I had a lot of pest problems and too many people were trying to get me to use chemicals. I didn't want to do that.

Then I started hearing about your program. I can't listen on Saturday or Sunday. The radio doesn't pick it up well. The more the static, the louder my kids get. So I bought myself an mp3 and started downloading your program to it. I would listen when I went shopping, when I garden and any quiet moment I could find.

The Garden became my whine-free zone. When someone came to complain, I would ask them to help while they "told me all about it". Soon they figured out that they could do less work if they could solve their own problems. They all help regardless, and they all love to eat anything.

I made "Mr. Yuk" markers for anything that can't be eatten, like potato and tomato leaves. "Mr. Yum" for everything else. The only problem that I have now is trying to get to the produce before they do.

Last spring the local nursery gave me some cabbage plants because it was late in the season. I planted them in cinder blocks. One is still alive today. Its trunk is 5 inches thick and has grown to be about 3 feet tall. My kids would come out and say they were hungry. I told them to eat the lower leaves so that the top would fountain out. Neighbor kids recently pushed it over. My younger ones were as offended as if a pet had been abused. It is still alive and has gone to seed. We are waiting for the pods to dry out and will chill them for a fall crop.

I hope that you can see the pictures. The before and after is really dramatic. As a sidenote I didn't start this particular garden until January of 2009. The organic program works in a short amount of time!

Thank you for your program and your website.


Click on link for photos.

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