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PostPosted: Sat Apr 09, 2011 10:10 pm 
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Perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA) better known as Teflon

The dangers of Teflon, a chemical which is used to coat non-stick cookware and other surfaces, has recently come to light.

Evidence has shown that scratched Teflon cookware, when heated, has the potential to kill birds. Chemicals are released into the air during heating, specifically perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA). The respiratory system of birds is very sensitive to gases (the reason why canaries were used in coal mines). If their lungs are affected, who knows what harm these gases are doing to human lungs?

To underscore the growing concern over this product, the EPA instituted a "global stewardship program" to reduce PFOA emissions, totally eliminating it by the year 2015 .

If you have scratched Teflon-coated cookware in your possession, throw it out! If you still wish to use your cookware, it's important not to use metal utensils. Use wood, rubber, or plastic to avoid scratching the surface. ... -four.aspx ... n/id/2134/

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Please correct your title. PFOA is not teflon.
Dupont uses PFOA in the teflon emulsion during the coating process and drives off the PFOA during the heat curing of the cookware. There could be small amounts of PFOA remaining in the coating.
Teflon can also emit traces of PFOA at thermal decomposition.
Dupont just settled a class action case for $8million for ground water pollution around one plant. See attached.

Although the EPA has reached a voluntary agreement with the major manufacturers of PFOA to eliminate the emission by 2015 there is no law against the import of articles containing PFOA. In fact, EPA can only legally control companies manufacturing in the USA and Dupont is the only major manufacturer of PFOA in the U.S.

I am copying my previous response concerning perfluorinated chemicals.

I work for one of the major fluorosurfactant manufacturers in the U.S.
Let me correct some of your statements.

Perfluoroalkyls include a huge group of chemicals, not just repellency based products.

One of the major groups is the key ingredient to successful class B foams that are the only way to effectively fight a hydrocarbon fire. Without perfluoroalkyls, a gasoline fire would just have to burn itself out!

The repellency additives include the phosphate esters, acrylics and urethane based perfluoroalkyls. Their use includes carpet protection, fabric protection, solid surface protection (grout sealers), and paper protection, the most susceptible potential for the common consumer- Microwave Popcorn Bags. If you have eaten microwave popcorn in the last 10 years you have a high chance if having injested PFOA (perfluorooctanoic acid). Don't forget your dog's (and cat's) exposure based on the grease proof coating on his dry food bag! If you buy clothes with any advertised "Water or Oil repellency", it likely is coated with these (Hello GoreTex, Stainmaster, the stain blocker sprayed on that couch you just purchased...).
The EPA has agreements with the major manufacturers including the biggest in size and emmission in the U.S- Dupont, that they will voluntarily eliminate PFOA by 2015.

The key is using products with the perfluoro chain length less than a C6 now termed "Short Chain".

As described above, the major exposure opportunity is ingestion (food wrapper residues), dermal from sitting your baby on new carpet or recently treated carpet. Inhalation potential is low due to their very low vapor pressure.

The good news is the levels in blood serum showed PFOA and PFOS decreases between 2000 and 2006. The industry is converting these "long chain" PFOA containing products to the short chain options as fast as they technically can while making sure your products still perform to your requirements.

See below for EPA articles:

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