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 Post subject: carpenter ant control
PostPosted: Mon Oct 25, 2004 12:00 pm 

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I have never heard Howard talk about species specific nematodes. We had a problem with carpenter ants around a window, and I ordered nematodes specifically for them. I mixed them w/water according to directions and injected the solution into the holes where I saw the ant activity. It took care of them and they've never returned. That's been about 3 years ago. I think I got them from a company called "Gulf Coast biotic", but I'm not sure. I found out about them from a chemically sensitive friend who had ordered nematodes to treat her termite infestation. We have had carpenter ant problems for years, but this seems to have taken care of them once and for all.

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PostPosted: Tue Oct 26, 2004 3:50 pm 
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Thanks! Yes, Gulf Coast Bio Tech is referred to in The Texas Bug Book by Howard Garrett and Malcolm Beck. ... nsects.htm
The most important thing to realize is carpenter ants and termites will infest wood that is damp or wet. Nesting in damp locations, carpenter ants prefer to excavate wood that has been damaged by water. From their nests in the beams, floors, or walls, they scavenge the house for food crumbs and insects.
Prevent moisture by keeping the roof in good repair and the gutters clear of leaves and other debris. Keep food crumbs and residue from collecting on surfaces and clean with orange TKO or similar product according to directions. Do read the label before you buy. Just because a product has orange oil in it, does not mean that it is safe to use.

Beneficial nematodes are good for getting rid of fire ants, termites, and carpenter ants.

These may be purchased locally at many of the suppliers who advertize on this website.

Gulf Coast Bio
T-14 Termite ControlTM
Specialized nematodes that eat termites. (Treats foundation perimeter.)

Specially bred ANTidoteTM Nematodes attack and kill Fire Ants, Grub Worms, and Fleas.

Dragon FireTM - NEW
Naturally, repel unwanted insects from your living area.
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Bee WilderedTM - NEW
A drastic treatment when drastic results are imperative.
A must research area for Multiple Sclerosis patients.
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