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2019 Plans Newsletter



It’s time for some commitments. Here are some plans (not resolutions or goals) for you to consider.

Healthy Living
  1. Stop smoking and chewing.
  2. Stop touching your face with your hands. Major way to get colds and the flu.
  3. Stop wearing shoes that are too small. Toes need to spread out.
  4. Stop using microwaves. It damages food value.
  5. Stop using regular salt - use sea salt. Trace minerals are the main benefit.
  6. Walk and do other low impact exercises to lose weight and tone up.
  7. Fast briefly by skipping a meal from time to time.
  8. Drink 8 oz. of filtered water first thing in the AM and several more times during the day. Stay hydrated in other words.
  9. Eat grass-fed meats, eggs and dairy products.
  10. Cut down on sugar and grains.
  11. Eat organic fruits and vegetables as much as possible.
  12. Use natural cures when possible. See my Herbs for Texas book.
Gardening / Landscaping
  1. Stop using toxic chemicals, go organic.
  2. Stop planting plants too deep in the ground.
  3. Stop using peat moss.
  4. Stop using pine bark.
  5. Stop wrapping and staking trees.
  6. Stop catching grass clippings.
  7. Stop tilling after soil is healthy.
  8. Stop raking and gathering leaves.
  9. Stop over-watering plants.
  10. Stop listening to Chemical Pushers.
  11. Sign up to take the TORC online Gardening and Landscaping Course.
  12. Also consider donating to TORC by buying Howard Garrett’s books and art.

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Organic Products to Start Using
  1. Espoma, Medina, Good Natured and New Earth Organic fertilizers and amendments.
  2. Azomite rock mineral products.
  3. PureGro pest control products.
Human Health Products
  1. Dr. Ohhira’s Probiotics.
  2. Reg'Activ for the production of glutathione.
  3. Crazy Water.
  4. Real Time Pain Relief.
Please send me any additional suggestions or comments you might have and I'll share them on the radio show this weekend.

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Naturally yours,

Howard Garrett
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