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Abelia grandiflora                                                                             

ah-BEE-li-ah gran-dee-FLORE-uh                                                    

Evergreen – Sun / Part Shade 
Ht. 6’-8’ Spread 6’-8’
Spacing 3’-6’



HABIT:     Summer flowering shrub, tiny white or pink flowers. New growth in long shoots, bronze foliage color. Dwarf varieties (3’-5’ ht.) are available which are suited to smaller gardens: ‘Sherwood,’ ‘Prostrate,’ and ‘Edward Goucher.’ Abelia is native to Asia.


CULTURE:  Easy to grow in any soil, drought tolerant.


USES:     Boundary hedge, screen, barrier. Dwarf varieties are good for mass plantings.


PROBLEMS:   Few; plant looks bad when sheared into hedge.



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