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Agrimony Herb





Agrimonia eupatoria


Agrimonia - (ag-rah-MOAN-ee-ah you-pa-TORE-ee-ah)




FAMILY: Rosaceae


TYPE: Herbaceous perennial


LOCATION: Plant agrimony in sun or light shade. Morning sun, afternoon shade is best. By the way – you'll discover as you read this book that this location is the best for a large percentage of both ornamental and useful plants.


PLANTING: Plant seed, divisions, cuttings, or transplants spring through fall. The best program is to start the seed indoors in the winter and set them out in the spring after the last freeze.


HEIGHT: 1 to 4 feet


SPREAD:12 to 15 inches


FINAL SPACING: 12 to 15 inches


BLOOM/FRUIT: Yellow flowers spires that have a honey scent. The seeds will stick to your clothes.


GROWTH HABITS: Agrimony is an easy to grow perennial with long, yellow flower spires. It is a vigorous plant especially good for cooler climates. It has dark green leaves and  blooms more or less all summer and is a little weedy looking. It grows in any well drained soil and needs at least a half day of sun. It's not a long lasting perennial, but self seeds.


PROBLEMS: Kind of ugly!


HARVEST/STORAGE: Harvest when in flower. General - all herbs should be harvested just as they start to form buds and always before full blooming for best quality. Roots and bark should be gathered in the fall, fruit and seeds should be gathered when mature.


CULINARY USES: Apricot-like flavoring for food.


MEDICINAL USES: Agrimony is used to treat throat diseases, skin problems and liver disorders. It is also used to make a yellow dye. Agrimony has been used historically for eye problems, kidney stones and digestive problems. The aerial portions of the plant contain vitamins B and K.


LANDSCAPE USES: Use in the perennial garden – sort of back in the back.


INSIGHT: Agrimony is related to our wild cocklebur but is a native of the U.K. where it used in teas and wines. It has been used as a tonic for skin diseases, throat problems, and liver problems according to the old herbals.




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