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Amaryllis, Hardy

Hardy Amaryllis
 Hippeastrum x johnsonii (hip-ee-AS-trum jon-SOHN-ee-eye)

There are other amaryllis for use in the coastal regions, but few match this bulb in its toughness to withstand cold and poor soils. It is believed to be the first hybrid amaryllis with a history dating back to the late 1700's. Even in large crowded clumps, the striking red trumpet-shaped blooms with their white stripes put on a show every year. Johnson's amaryllis is another name for this bulb, in honor of a hybridizer and English watch maker. Also known as St Joseph's lily, you can sometimes catch a slight spicy fragrance when flowers are closely inspected.
Perennial – Full Sun Spacing: 2’ Height: 2’ Spread: 2’ or greater

HABIT:  Spectacular spring / early summer flowering bulbs. Long strap like foliage that often does appear until flowers fade away. Red or orange funnel shaped flowers. Hardy to zone 6.
CULTURE:  Easy to grow in well prepared soil, but will adapt to most soils. Clumps can be divided and replanted in the fall or winter. Necks of the bulbs should be left just above ground level. This is a tough perennial that can be left in prepared beds outside.
PROBLEMS:  Finding the plant in nurseries is the biggest problem. Parts of the plant are somewhat toxic.


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