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Animal Clinic / Fort Worth

Dr. Craig Verwers, D.V.M.
Ridglea West Animal Clinic

Fort Worth, TX

Let me begin by introducing myself. I am Craig Verwers, DVM, and have been practicing Veterinary Medicine for twenty years in West Fort Worth, Texas. I attended Texas A&M University, College of Veterinary Medicine for both my undergraduate and professional education. I have always had an interest in treating dogs, cats and a variety of different exotic small animals (birds and pocket pets mostly). I am married and have four children, three boys and the youngest, a girl. We have 4 dogs, 7 cats, a budgie (parakeet), a horse, several sheep and a whole lot of rabbits.


Over my years of practice, I have developed a holistic approach to the practice of Veterinary medicine. As you might guess, I have a strong back ground in what I call traditional western medicine. Western medicine is the type of diagnostic techniques and treatment that are predominantly taught at all of our veterinary colleges in the United States. The focus of this type of medicine is more on the problem a patient has almost to the point that we might over look other more basic issues. Similar to the cliché 'you can't see the forest for the trees'. Practicing the normal type of medicine that we expect from any doctor or veterinarian is easy to get a pinpoint focus on the problem that is being treated and ignore other issues that may be more complex or simpler.


About five years ago, I took an intense course in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and Treatment with Chinese Herbs. This gave me a new way to look at all my patients that is completely different from my western medicine background. A TCM practitioner looks at the patient concentrating on the whole patient and does not concentrate only on the presenting problem. This is why I practice more of a holistic type of medicine. I try to keep the whole patient in mind when treating every problem. Better yet, I like to keep all my patients healthy so they do not develop problems.



Dr. Craig Verwers, D.V.M.

Ridglea West Animal Hospital
4404 Southwest Blvd.
Fort Worth,TX 76116


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