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Anise Hyssop



Agastache foeniculum (ah-guh-STAH-she fee-NIK-yew-lum)


COMMON NAME: Anise Hyssop, Hummingbird Mint


FAMILY: Labiatae


TYPE: Herbaceous perennial


LOCATION: Sun or part shade


PLANTING: Plant seed, cuttings and transplants spring through fall.


HEIGHT: 24 to 36 inches


SPREAD: 12 to 18 inches


FINAL SPACING: 18 to 24 inches


BLOOM/FRUIT: Purple, rose, mauve or purple flower spikes in summer./p>


GROWTH HABITS/CULTURE: Anise hyssop is an easy to grow upright, and has triangular, anise-scented leaves. Grows to 3 feet with nectar-loaded flower spikes and self sows readily. Plant it in morning sun and use normal bed preparation. Cut the plant back severely when it gets tall and floppy. It responds quickly.


PROBLEMS: None serious


HARVEST/STORAGE: Pick and dry flowers as they bloom. Harvest leaves anytime and use fresh or store dry. Flowers can also be used fresh or dried. Fresh is the best choice.


CULINARY USES: Leaves and flowers are excellent for tea. The flowers are edible flowers and good in salads.


MEDICINAL USES: Anise hyssop is an aromatic digestive and can be taken as a tea for respiratory problems such as coughs. Sip a cup of tea with a meal to prevent gas and bloating.


LANDSCAPE USES: Nice looking flowering plant for the landscape, especially the perennial garden.


OTHER USES: Anise hyssop attracts bees and is good for potpourri and arrangements. It is a very fragrant plant and makes excellent honey.


INSIGHT: An easy care herb with many uses and a sweet fragrance. Should be a part of all tea and fragrance gardens.





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