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Ash Tree - White





Fraxinus texensis          (FRAK-suh-nus tex-EN-sis)        

Deciduous Sun             Height 50 feet  Spread 40 feet   Spacing 20 - 30 feet


HABIT:  Medium growth, large compound leaves with rounded leaflets especially on young growth, white splotches on trunk and limbs. Orange to purple fall color.


CULTURE:        Easy to grow in any soil. Grows readily in alkaline soil, rock, or steep slopes. Low water and fertilization needs. Needs excellent drainage. Easy to transplant.

USES:  Shade tree, fall color.


PROBLEMS:   Poor drainage, borers.


NOTES:  One of Texas’ best kept secrets. Close kin or the same as white ash (F. Americana)—also a good tree. Should be used much more. Native to Texas. Several white ash cultivars are available.

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