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Ash Trees

There are good ash trees and bad ash trees. Unfortunately many from the bad list are still in many of the garden centers and planted every year. There are specific reasons why Arizona and green ash are not recommended but Texas ash and white ash are excellent choices and should be planted more often. Details after this.

Arizona ash is a classic trash tree. It’s fast growing, problem prone and fast dying. It was introduced as a drought tolerant tree but is actually a high water user. It is also prone to aphid damage, borers, fungal diseases and freeze damage. The only reason it’s on the market is its ease of propagation.

Green ash is almost as weak and not a good choice for landscaping. Both of these trees have yellow fall color. The recommended ash trees have more dramatic fall color.

White ash and Texas ash are so close to the same tree it’s virtually impossible to tell the difference. One has a longer seed and I forget which one it is.

This native ash is drought tolerant, has a more upright growth pattern, is relatively pest free and has fall color that ranges from yellowish orange to red and purples. Sometimes several colors will be on the same tree at the same time.





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