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Common Names: iron plant, barroom plant, cast-iron plant
Family: Liliaceae (lily family) 

Aspidistra elliator 
(as-pi-DIS-tra ee-LAY-sheer)                                                        

Evergreen – Shade
Ht. 24” 
Spread 24” 
Spacing 18”

aspidistra with chlorosis

HABIT:     Dark-green, large-leafed foliage plant. Leaves sprout from the ground.  Spreads by rhizomes. Native to Japan.

CULTURE:  Easy to grow in any well-drained soil. Shade and plenty of water. Called Cast Iron Plant because of its toughness.

USES:  Tall ground cover, coarse texture, low light area. Container plant.

PROBLEMS: Edges of foliage get ragged, especially in windy areas. Grasshoppers occasionally.

NOTES: Not easily apparent, the cast-iron plant bears its flowers and fruits just beneath the soil line.

Howard Garrett
Texas Gardening - The Natural Way,
The Complete Handbook 

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