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Azomite is a 100% naturally-derived feed additive and soil re-mineralizer mined in Sanpete County, Utah. This unique deposit was formed by a natural volcanic eruption where the volcanic ash was deposited into an ancient seabed, which was pushed to the surface by tectonic activity. The mineral deposit is now a series of pink hogbacks (hills) where it is mined exclusively by AZOMITE Mineral Products, Inc. The name Azomite was coined from "A to Z Of Minerals Including Trace Elements".


Azomite contains a wide array of over 70 naturally occurring trace elements. Organic growers recognizes AZOMITE as a soil re-mineralizing product. Scientific and agricultural trials have been conducted in many countries, including the U.S., Brazil, Mexico, Ecuador, China, Indonesia and Vietnam resulting in increased yields, survivability, and economic benefits. Mineralogically, Azomite is a rhyolitic tuff breccia and chemically Azomite is a hydrated sodium calcium aluminosilicate that contains over 70 elements.


This product supports the vitality of soil and living organisms by providing trace elements that are often not readily available through soil and food sources. There is global concern about soils becoming depleted of minerals. Soil management programs that include trace mineral supplementation grow more crops with higher nutritional value. Azomite offers an organic, sustainable solution by adding trace minerals to depleted soils, as well as to the actual crops. Minerals improve pest and disease resistance, while increasing capacity to withstand drought and temperature fluctuations, ultimately improving the nutrient content and yields of the food supply.



When Azomite is used in animal feed it greatly improves livestock's resistance to disease and leads to faster weight gain, better quality meat and reduced mortality. It also increases milk production and higher butterfat content. When added to poultry feed, it leads to thicker and stronger eggshells, increased total egg production and improved bird health. In all cases it helps pull toxins out of the bodies of animals.


This product is an excellent rock mineral product that works well with carbon material such as compost and organic fertilizers to create a complete soil feeding program. It can be used from 10-100 lbs per 1000 sq ft.


Azomite is available in a powder or granular form. A few typical applications are:
  • 2.5 tablespoons per gallon of water for a soil drench</p>
  • 2 tablespoons per gallon for use in compost tea</p>
  • 1 tablespoon per 2 inch pot diameter sprinkled over a container</p>
  • 2-3 tablespoons per 4-6 inch diameter transplant hole</p>
  • 1 pound per 10 square feet of garden row</p>
  • 1 tablespoon per pound of food waste in a vermi-compost bin




Azomite is another natural tool for gardeners to use in improving their soil. It is approved for use in organic agriculture and for use in animal feed from cows to aquaculture.



Azomite Mineral Products
27 South Main.
Nephi, UT 84648





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