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Bald Cypress Confusion Newsletter



There is some confusion about the wonderful trees that are bald cypress, kin to bald cypress, and similar to bald cypress. Let's try to shed a little light on the subject. The three trees below are not the same. Only one of the photos shows bald cypress. Click on the links below for information on all three and more.

  • BALD CYPRESS - a great tree if from the right seed source to fit your site conditions.
  • POND CYPRESS - a thinner growing and harder to find cypress.
  • MONTEZUMA CYPRESS - a faster growing, knee-less and maybe superior tree to bald cypress
  • ITALIAN CYPRESS - a completely different, dramatic and sometimes problematic tree.
  • ARIZONA CYPRESS - another completely different tree but valuable in the right conditions.
  • DAWN REDWOOD - another completely different tree but remarkable similar to bald cypress and tough as nails.
  • LEYLAND CYPRESS - This plant has too many built-in problems. 
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