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Berberis thunbergii  (BER-ber-is thun-BERG-ee-eye)

Semi-Deciduous – Sun/Shade


HEIGHT: 3'-6' Spread 3#39;-6'


SPACING: 2'-3'




HABIT: Thorny, dense, yellow flowers in spring, red foliage in summer. Regular and dwarf forms are available. Mentor has green foliage in summer with red fall and winter color.


CULTURE: Easy, any soil, drought tolerant.


USES: Colorful barrier or low hedge.


PROBLEMS: None serious other than the thorns.


NOTES: Thorns create a good barrier. The dwarf pygmy variety is an ugly little thing at first. Mentor Barberry Berberis x mentorensis is a larger growing green plant with red fall and winter color. 'Rose Glow' is a pink tinged cultivar. Can withstand drought and very low temperatures. Native to Japan.





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