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Barefoot Cook Newsletter

Dirt Doctor Weekly Newsletter - Amanda Love Joins Dirt Doctor Team


Amanda Love, the Barefoot Cook, is a natural foods chef and nutrition educator who passionately shares her love of cooking and healing with nourishing foods.  She emphasizes eating fresh, local, seasonal, organic and nutrient rich food and teaches people how to easily integrate these kinds of foods into their everyday diet to obtain and maintain optimal health. 

Currently, Amanda teaches cooking and nutrition workshops and also consults with individuals, families and businesses who want to learn how to integrate wholesome food into their life.  She has cooked for TOFGA, Edible Austin, American Grassfed Association events, permaculture workshops, numerous retreats, fundraising dinners and various celebrities.

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Recently she has launched a line of delicious herbal iced tea products called Soothin' Infusion which can now be purchased on the Dirt Doctor web site, Whole Foods Market and other health food stores.  Amanda’s teas are good and good for you.  I recommend you give them a try.

In addition, Amanda will be writing for the DIRT magazine and on the subject  of Organic Nutrition.  Amanda will be my guest on the June 8th broadcast at 9am central time.  Find the station in your area for the June 8th broadcast and interview.

Amanda Love - the Barefoot Cook

If you  have any questions regarding this newsletter or any other topic, join me for my radio show heard in Dallas/Fort Worth on Saturday at 11am and  across the country on Sunday from 8 - 11am (CST).  Radio 

Naturally yours,

Howard Garrett
The Dirt Doctor

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