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Beetle - Bumelia Borer LongHorn

Photo by Steve Sharp

COMMON NAME: Ponderous Borer; Bumelia Borer Long-horn Beetle

SCIENTIFIC NAME: Order Coleoptera, Family Cerambycidae Stenaspis verticalis insignis Plinthocoelium suaveolens

SIZE: Adult 1 ½ inch and larger.

Photo by Steve Sharp

IDENTIFICATION: Long thread-like antennae, red head and thorax, metallic black-green abdomen.

BIOLOGY: Complete metamorphosis.

Photo by Steve Sharp

HABITAT: Larvae feed in fallen trees and cut logs, mostly pine and fir.

FEEDING HABITS: Adults feed on pollen, nectar, leaves, sap and fungi.

ECONOMIC IMPORTANCE: Larvae damage cut lumber and telephone poles. However, they are beneficial in a natural forest to help fallen trees decay.


ORGANIC CONTROL: Not considered damaging enough to warrant control.

INSIGHT: Popular with collectors. Normally big, beautiful creatures such as this are here to add beauty and fascination to nature and are of little trouble to man.


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