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Bermudagrass, Common


Bermudagrass (Cynodon sactylon)  One of the worst weeds of all when you don’t want it. Roundup will kill it but is far more toxic than advertised and should no longer be used. Physical removal is best. In beds it can be controlled by covering the area with ½” compost followed by 5 layers of newspaper or one later of cardboard and then shredded mulch. Repeated vinegar sprays will also kill it.

COMMON NAME:  Bermudagrass
BOTANICAL NAME:  Cynodon dactylon (SIN-no-don  DAC-ti-lon)  
Warm season - Sun      
Seed @ 2 lbs. per 1,000 sq. ft.     
Mowing height. 1/2–2 inches
HABIT:  Narrow leaf blade, spread by stolons and rhizomes. Brown in winter

CULTURE:  Low-maintenance, aggressive grass. Grows in any soil. Does much better with ample water and food but is quite drought tolerant. Does not develop thatch, especially when    maintained with an organic program.

USES:  Lawn grass, playing fields.

PROBLEMS:  Some insects and diseases but none serious.

NOTES:  Mixing with St. Augustine and some weeds looks OK. Native to warm regions around the world.

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