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Bermudagrass, TIF Grass





Cynodon dactylon cultivars         (SIN-no-don DAC-ti-lon)

Warm season     Sun     Stolons @ 10–15 bushels/1,000 sq. ft.  Mowing Height 1/2–3/4 inches


HABIT:              Hybrid forms of common Bermudagrass. Narrower leaf blade and finer overall 
                          texture. Tifdwarf is the finest-textured, Tifgreen 328 is slightly larger, and Tifway 419 is the
                          largest and is the best of the hybrids for residential use.


CULTURE:       Higher maintenance than common Bermudagrass, since weeds and                                                           imperfections are much more visible.


USES:              Refined lawns and putting greens. Also golf course tees and fairways.
                         These  grasses are sterile (no seeds) and must be planted solid or from stolons.

PROBLEMS:     Some insects and diseases but none serious. Weeds show up badly.


NOTES:            Too much work for home lawns. Native to laboratory.

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