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Big Textured Plants Newsletter



While writing my latest Dallas Morning News column about two big-leafed plants, it dawned on me that a newsletter about large-leafed, coarse textured plants would be good. Here are some of my favorites with links to more detailed information in our Library.

Elephant ears (Alocasia) - this perennial has dramatically large foliage and is tougher than is sometimes reported. For a big leafed plant, this one behaves itself well and doesn’t spread aggressively. 
Elephant ears (Colocasia) - this elephant ears spreads more readily than its cousin Alocasia but is even more cold hardy. 
Cashmere bouquet - this large leaf perennial is pretty and attracts pollinators well but it needs to planted in a bed where it can’t escape. When it get loose, it can be very invasive
Rice paper plant - huge leaves and a very nice texture but invasive this perennial is. If you don’t mind some regular work to keep it under control, this plant makes a distinctive landscape plant. 
Hoja santa - this perennial herb is one of my favorites. It does spread but is easy to keep under control. The large leaves are terrific and the long skinny white flowers are a nice feature. 
Oakleaf hydrangea - this is one of my favorite hydrangeas and certainly has the best foliage that often has good red fall color. The white flowers in spring are also dramatic. 
Bananas - Bananas will perennialize farther north than often thought, although lack of enough warm weather will usually prevent a successful fruit crop. The large tropical leaves give a pleasant tropical feature. 
Cyperus - this aquatic perennial also called umbrella plant provides excellent foliage texture change and will adapt to normally moist soils.  
Aralia - this evergreen shrub has nice large leaves, distinctive texture and gives a pleasant tropical effect. It is a little more cold-sensitive than the other plants in this list but worth a try. 
Giant Leopard Plant - this dramatic perennial has huge rounded leaves and nice yellow flowers late in the season. It is good for shady perennial gardens and large containers. 
Angel’s trumpet - this beautiful plant has lovely hanging flowers as well as large dramatic leaves.


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