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Bio S.I.

Bio S.I.’s products naturally rebuilds, restores and renews vitality to soils, water features, and septic systems on the farm and in the home.

Bio S.I. produces a full range of microbial inoculants including Bio S.I. Turf Formula, Septic Cleanser Formula, Remediation Formula and Jackpot I & II, new all-natural probiotic products formulated to bring beneficial soil borne microbes inside the digestive tract of valuable livestock investments. Here is a description of some of the products:

Bio S.I. Lawn & Garden Select: Bio S.I. is a soil inoculant with a broad and diverse spectrum of naturally occurring, beneficial soil microbes and enzymes that help naturally rebuild soil vitality. Bio S.I. Lawn & Garden products penetrate crusted and damaged soils to loosen aggregates and convert waste to valuable nutrient rich humus, which ultimately softens and conditions the soil to improve water and fertilizer program efficiency for lawns, ornamental, and vegetable gardens. Lawn & Garden Select is a soil inoculant that combines the power of beneficial microbes with 4 different types of mycorrhizae fungi in the mix. These mycorrhizae increase the surface area of the rootzone, which helps plants uptake and retain water and nutrients that would have otherwise been out of reach and unavailable.

Bio S.I. Water Doctor: Bio S.I. Water Doctor is a blend of natural, environmentally friendly microbes developed to clean and maintain all types of water features including ponds, water gardens and fountains.  Bio S.I. Water Doctor works by breaking down and decomposing harmful nitrates, phosphates, and other contaminates from water sources. Bio S.I. Water Doctor helps clear pond water by reducing contaminants like organic sludge from dead decaying plants and animal waste. It is a preventative treatment that is safe for humans, animals, fish, plants, and the environment.  

Bio S.I. Septic Cleanser Formula: Bio S.I. Septic Cleanser Formula consists of environmentally safe microbes that digest and breakdown the solid organic matter trapped within the septic system. This formula keeps the lines and internal system clear and free of build-up so the waste can reach the tanks without causing unpleasant and unsanitary back-ups. The microbes also help keep the soil loose and free from sludge build-up that creates wet areas in the leach field caused by poor soil penetration in the liquid portion of the system.  The formulas are great for use in the home, office, barn and especially RV’s Bio-

Bio S.I. Jackpot Probiotics (and Jackpot II for Equine): Jackpot livestock probiotics bring beneficial, soil-borne microbes found in nature to your animals. These microbes, which help to maintain an animals’ digestive system, used to come from the soil while animals are grazing. However, livestock kept in contained areas cannot maintain proper amounts of these microbes in their digestive systems. This may lead to them becoming stressed so they don’t perform well. By adding Jackpot to the drinking water, you will see them look and perform better as they gain weight yet eat less. Jackpot may be sprayed over the quantity of food the animals will eat at one offering.   

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