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Bio Wash More Reasons to Use


Dirt Doctor Weekly Newsletter

                   Another Reason to Use Bio Wash                  

This product is the best preventative and curative of fungal diseases that I’ve ever seen. 

Some of the landscape uses are as follows:

Powdery mildew attacks crepe myrtles and other plants especially during humid weather. One control is to apply horticultural (whole ground) cornmeal to the root zone at 2 lbs. per 100 sq. ft. and spray the foliage with Garrett Juice. Cornmeal juice is made by soaking a pound of cornmeal in 5 gallons of water. Put the cornmeal in a nylon bag made from old panty hose or whatever to keep the larger particles from getting in the water. This cornmeal juice can be sprayed alone or mixed with compost tea or Garrett Juice.

If you think this is too much trouble, then there’s an easier way. Black spot is a common name of fungal leaf spot. Black spot attacks the foliage of plants such as roses. There is usually a yellow halo around the dark spot. Entire leaves then turn yellow and ultimately die. Best controls include selection of resistant plants and Garrett Juice, garlic tea and skim milk. Apply cornmeal to the soil or cornmeal juice to the foliage. Bio Wash is my favorite commercial product because it works so well.

But there are other uses and some new research data. Here’s the information from the Bio Wash: 



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