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Black Kow

All-natural organic way to improve native soils. Composted cow manure. Holds water and nutrients in the soil. Provides aeration and helps to break up compacted soils.

Benefits of Black Kow
The all-natural organic way to improve native soils is by using Black Kow composted cow manure. By mixing Black Kow cow manure with your native soil before planting, you do 3 important things:
Provide moisture holding capacity to sandy soils. Black Kow cow manure holds water and nutrients in the soil around the roots. The roots can use the water and nutrients when needed instead of letting the nutrients leach through the soil.
Provide aeration and moisture holding capacity to hard, clay-type soils. Black Kow cow manure helps break up those soils so that water and nutrients are available to the plant when needed.
Give your plant's roots the optimum environment in which to get started. Black Kow cow manure contains millions of beneficial bacteria. These bacteria convert nitrogen and other nutrients into an easily available form for the plant. It is organic and contains nutrients that are released slowly without burning tender roots. These nutrients and moisture are held in the soil around roots until the plant needs them.

Black Kow
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