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Blue Potato

Solanum crispum glasnerium (seaforthianum)
Evergreen   Sun to part shade   Height 12’+  Spread 8’+  Spacing 4-6’

HABIT: Often described as a "wall shrub," gets round & bushy, so It's best to prune it closer to the trellis every spring, taking care not to harm saved bits since these may be brittle. It grows rapidly & blooms profusely after such a trim.2” glossy dark green lance-shaped leaves, showy clusters of 1” blue, star-shaped flowers spring to fall followed by clusters of nail-polish red or yellow-orange berries late summer and fall.

CULTURE: full sun/light shade, moist, well drained, dormant in winter. Has to be annually trimmed back to the wall to retain a semblance of vining appearance. Pruning increases vigorous new growth & flower show.

USES: Colorful interesting vine

PROBLEMS: Few except the trimming needs.

NOTES: Plant is kin to Irish potato and deadly nightshade. Mildly toxic.

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