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The Dirt Doctor has the following for sale online:

  • The Natural-Organic Gardening and Landscaping Online Course

  • Books by Howard Garrett

  • Original Artwork by Howard Garrett


Natural-Organic Gardening and Landscaping Course

This gardening and landscaping course will teach you how to:

  • Identify and stop using harmful synthetic fertilizers and toxic pesticides.
  • Successfully use natural-organic techniques and products.
  • Save water and money.
  • Enjoy a more effective and healthy approach to gardening and landscaping.

More Information about the Online Course

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Books by Howard Garrett, The Dirt Doctor

The Natural Organic programs in Howard's books are useful to everyone, everywhere.

  • Buy books worth at least $50 or Donate $50 or more to TORC and receive a FREE Membership to the Organic Club of America.
  • Buy or Donate $75 or more and receive a FREE Membership, a copy of the recently updated Basic Organic Program and seeds from the Dirt Doctor's Garden. 
  • Proceeds support the Texas Organic Research Center.

More Information about Howard's Books

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Original Artwork by Howard Garrett

Limited prints and original art from Howard are available now.

  • Fall Colors is a colored pencil and pastel piece done in 2005.
  • Forest Breeze is acrylic paint on mylar. 
  • The income from this art will help support the Texas Organic Research Center. Thanks very much for your help. 

Photos of Howard's Art

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