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BOTANICAL NAME:  Bougainvillea spp.
PRONUNCIATION:  boo-gan-VIL-lee-ah                                                   
TYPE:  Tropical vine
LOCATION:  Full sun
HEIGHT: unlimited   
SPACING:  5-6 feet

HABIT:  Purple, red, gold, pink, orange, and white flowers which are actually bracts. Climbing and sprawling vine with thorny stems.
CULTURE:  Must have full sun and does best in protected areas.  Fertile soil not important, but good drainage is. Likes to dry out between waterings.
USES:  Summer color and tropical effect.


PROBLEMS:  Will freeze outside in freezing weather. Must be kept protected in winter. Can be cut for winter storage.
NOTES:  Some varieties are semi-vineing , flowering occurs only on new growth, some varieties require the short daylight hours of winter to bloom other prefer the long days of summer.  New growth on plants is vital to the achievement of flowering. Bougainvillea normally flowers during the short days of winter, but blooms are highly dependent on temperature. Drought stress can also stimulate flowering even with long daylight exposure. Growers frequently allow plants to dry just to the point of wilting to induce flowering. Excessive drying can cause leaf drop and dormancy so be sure to water at first signs of wilt.

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