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Buxus microphylla   

Buxus microphylla
BUX-us mike-ro-FILL-ah                    
Evergreen – Sun / Part Shade

Ht. 3’-5’ Spread 3’
Spacing 2’-3’

HABIT:   Compact shrub with rounded leaves. Medium to light green color and soft texture. Shallow roots. Native to Japan, Asia, Europe, and North Africa. B. Koreana ‘Green Mountain’ is a great-looking compact form.

CULTURE: Any well-drained soil, moderate water and fertilizer needs.

USES:  Border, low hedge, foundation planting. Not recommended unless a short clipped hedge is needed. Can be kept trimmed to 12” height.

PROBLEMS:  Nematodes, leaf miners, scale, soil fungus, and freeze damages.


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