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Broadcast Radio 02045 November 11, 2007


November 11, 2007  content_img.2334.img.gif  content_img.2342.img.gif

In Howard’s Garden 

Walking Onions and Evergreen Hedges
Lawn Amendments + Live Oak
Planting a Live Oak
Rhubarb + Orange Oil Turning Solid
Repotting Corn Plant
Winterizing Roses

Questions for Mark Painter: Does Work Effect Test Scores? Kids get Individual Plots?  How many Kids in Program?

Banana Plants; Bugs on Grapevines; Mazus repnus groundcover; Gas on a Photinia + Amendments in Planting Holes
Cypress Turning Brown; Growing Popcorn Trees

           content_img.2343.img.gif      content_img.2344.img.jpg

Organics in the News

Rabbits Eating Trees; Dandelions in Lawn
Making Soil Better; Hanging Basket with Hibiscus; Tabasco Sauce for Rabbits
Vinegar Spray for Garlic + Replacing Flowering Quince; Evergreen Vine for Chain Link Fence;Vine for Wooden Column Leftover Seed Potatoes

           content_img.2343.img.gif      content_img.2344.img.jpg
The complete 3 hour broadcast.            content_img.2343.img.gif      content_img.2344.img.jpg

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