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Broadleaf Carpet Grass


Axonopus compressus



Other common names: Carpetgrass, Savannah grass, Blanket grass, Louisiana grass, flat joint grass


Tropical and subtropical short perennial stoloniferous mat-like grass. Mostly considered a weed, but sometimes used as a cover crop in orchards. Sometimes used for grazing but considered low quality forage. Used as a lawn grass and for erosion control applications. Seed largely unavailable and must be sprigged. Shade tolerant but grows in full sun. Can become a troublesome weed.


Alternate host of Rhizoctonia solani, a pathogenic fungus with a wide host range and worldwide distribution. The pathogen is known to cause serious plant losses by attacking primarily the roots and lower stems of plants. (from Wikipedia)


Control: Easy to remove with mechanical weeders such as the weed popper. Also can spot sprayed with 20% vinegar.





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