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Brussels Sprouts Recipe Amanda Love


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Brussels Sprouts with Butter
(Serves 4)

If you are committed to eating seasonally, sometimes winter veggies are not the most exciting of pickin’s.  However, they are reliable.  Those tough members of the brassica family are reliably available. They are the tough ones that can withstand the cold. Yep, good ole broccoli, cauliflower, turnips, kale, mustards, cabbage, broccoli rab, and, of course, brussels sprouts.
All of these veggies are in the same family and contain the common element, sulphur, and high amounts of Vitamin C.  Sulphur can cause unpleasant side affects in some (I’m sure you can guess what I mean), but these veggies also have the positive benefit of providing you with that important mineral which helps to lubricate your joints and also help to kill internal bugs and parasites. 
It is not advisable to eat these veggies raw as they are really too hard to digest in this manner. Either they need to be well cooked or fermented. Some people that have thyroid issues may want to avoid members of this family altogether or eat them minimally.
Here is a simple recipe for cooking up some Brussels sprouts. Most people forget about these orb like veggies, but they really are delicious if done right and definitely worth serving up for your next side dish!
• 2 cups organic Brussels sprouts
• 2 tablespoons Butter – preferably raw and grass fed
• Sea Salt and White Pepper to taste
• Optional additions: Sesame Seeds, Tamari

Cut tough ends off the sprouts and remove loose outer leaves. Cut Brussels sprouts in half.  (Cutting on the diagonal creates an elegant presentation.) Steam for 5 to 10 minutes until bright green and just tender—do not overcook!  But make sure you cook them well enough or the brussels sprouts will be too tough and hard to eat. You will know the sprouts are cooked perfectly when an inserted fork pierces them easily. Sauté with butter, salt, and pepper.  You may also add sesame seeds and tamari while sautéing for a more Asian taste. Transfer to serving dish.  Enjoy!


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