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A Fun and Educational Book for Children and Adults Across the Country


The Texas Bug Book is for gardeners, farmers, ranchers, landscape and nursery people, and even those who don't grow plants at all but want a better understanding of nature. It's fascinating to learn why so many different types of creepy, crawly creatures were put here to aggravate us, help us, and offer great beauty.


Yes, we understand that all insects aren't bugs - we wanted a book title that you would remember, buy, use, and recommend to your friends, your family, and your business associates. Our inspiration to do this book really came from customers, readers, and listeners who would ask us about insects or bring them to us in a jar or plastic bag for identification and solutions to the problems they seemed to be causing. We would often find that people had been spraying poisons on beneficial insects that feed on troublesome insects, pollinate flowers, break down organic matter, and perform many other less publicized duties. The so-called troublesome insects are also interesting and quite useful in their own way. They help us understand and improve our agricultural and gardening techniques, and they encourage genetic study of our food sources.

Among the special features in this book are the stories Malcolm wrote about certain insects. I did a few as well. They are hi-lighted in the green boxes as shown above.

There were those who try to prevent this book from happening. So we dedicated the book to them.

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