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Butterfly Vine


Butterfly Vine Mascagnia macroptera 

TYPE:  Evergreen vine that will easily train itself to a trellis or fence. If left unsupported, it will twine on itself to produce a mounding shrub or even a groundcover.

HEIGHT: 1 ½-2 feet

SPREAD: 2 feet

SPACING: 2 feet

HABIT:  2-4 inch clusters of yellow or orange blooms from April to September. ​Butterfly vine does well in north Texas and is best adapted to zones 8-10.

CULTURE:  Relatively easy to grow in any soil. Slow-growing. Does not grow well in pots.

USES:  Summer color to attract butterflies.

PROBLEMS:  Aphids on new growth. Can die out from too much water. Hard to transplant.

NOTES:  Plant a few, but don’t invest a lot of money in this plant.

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