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Can I Use My Storage Shed for Something Besides Storage?

Yes, you can absolutely repurpose a storage shed into a she shed, man cave, home office, weekend cabin, or craft shed.

Let’s look at a few examples of people who have done this successfully, and then we’ll give you a few tips to get your project started off on the right foot.

Since Ulrich Barns is the only shed company recommended by The Dirt Doctor, we’ll take a look at some of their customers’ projects.

She Shed

Helga Hughes is an avid gardener and DIY remodeler. After moving from California to her current home in Tyler, Texas, Helga set about transforming the property.

Helga wanted an indoor space where she could look across her backyard oasis while crocheting or reading. Also, she just plain wanted a she shed.

After visiting an Ulrich Barns store, Helga settled on a 10x12 Premier Utility shed. She customized it with an attractive residential door and four large windows.

The shed design is wonderfully congruent with the garden setting. The trellis and mini deck by the door feels like a combination of a porch and garden walkway. Inside, the garden theme continues with an antique-style potting bench, plant-themed artwork, and a generous display of potted plants.


Man Cave

Joe Adams and his father-in-law Homer Giles wanted a man cave.

After visiting an Ulrich Barns store, Homer decided on a 12x16 Elite Gardener. Homer loved the attractive design of the Elite series shed, as well as the wraparound loft and heavy-duty construction.

The building has insulation, Sheetrock, electricity, and plumbing. To give the building a more “cave-like” feel, they opted for dark interior paint. Within about two months of its initial construction, the Elite Gardener became the Man Cave.

Amenities and features include a large TV, a 1940s hand-carved bar, comfortable seating, and a loft for the grandkids to enjoy.


Home Office

Mistie Akin does accounting from her home in Ledbetter, Texas. With her office in a bedroom, she felt claustrophobic and easily distracted by household tasks. She wanted a portable building for an office.

Mistie chose a light green 14x28 Pro Gable Cabin shell from Ulrich Barns.

Mistie’s husband added insulation to the cabin shell and finished out the walls and ceiling. Mistie chose dark paneled walls and a light floor. Since Mr. Akin is tall, they designed and installed a tray ceiling with lots of light.

Since she works from home, Mistie needed motivation to sit down and work, undistracted by laundry and housework. In her new office, she can focus solely on her work. When she needs a break, she can sit on the cabin’s front porch and watch the cattle in the pastures surrounding her home.


Cabin on the Ranch

Babs and Avery Goodlett hang out at the ranch near Groesbeck, Texas every weekend. They had initially purchased a mobile home for the property, but when their entire family was at the ranch, they needed more space.

But it wasn’t just more space—the Goodletts also liked the idea of having their own space, slightly separate from the rest of the family.

After visiting an Ulrich Barns store, the couple picked a 12x24 Premier Gable Cabin Shell with a porch.

After delivery, the couple had their contractor finish out the interior. Babs carefully selected furniture and decor to make the interior a genuinely inviting space.

The couple loves the porch. “We can sit out there in the morning with coffee,” says Babs, “and we have the view of the land.”


Craft Shed

Janiece Cox has enjoyed creating stained glass as a hobby for over 20 years. Rather than dedicating a bedroom to the hobby, Janiece began shopping for a backyard shed she could convert into a studio.

She was quite particular. She didn’t want something that would look like a generic storage shed, but something truly fitting for a she shed. 

She settled on a 12x16 Elite Craftsman from Ulrich. This gave her enough space to line the sides with cabinets and countertops, while still allowing for a movable center island.

After another contractor poured a concrete pad, the Ulrich on-site crew built the structure. Then another contractor finished out the interior and added guttering to the exterior.

The finished result is really charming. Positioned close to the pool, it adds interest to the backyard and enhances the value of the property.


Tips and Tricks for Choosing the Right Shed for Your Project

Wall and Ceiling Height

This is a personal choice. The she shed example above utilizes a shed with regular-height shed walls, which are less than 7 feet. The lower height helps the building fit in with the look of her backyard. Also, since the owner isn’t tall, headroom is not an issue either.

If you’re looking for more space, however, consider using a shed with taller walls. The cabin shells in the above examples have taller walls, allowing for a more spacious feel in the interior, similar to a typical home.


As much as possible, plan what you want to put in your building before you purchase it. If you know where you want to put your couch, desk, or worktable, you can position the windows and doors for maximum convenience.

Construction Quality

Additionally, make sure that the building’s floor system can handle the additional weight that comes with finishing out the interior. This is especially important if you want to be able to move the building to a different location in the future.


Finishing out the interior of a shed can be a rewarding project that provides exactly the type of space that you need for your hobby or work.

Check out the sheds and cabin shells made by Ulrich. They’re the only shed company that has The Dirt Doctor’s recommendation for quality.

Ulrich Barns Phone Number: 817-402-1929


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