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Canna generalis         
(CAN-ah jen-er-ALL-is)

Perennial    Sun    Height 2 - 6"  Spread 3 - 6'  Spacing 18 - 24"

HABIT:            Coarse perennial that spreads from underground stems. Large leaves and flowers. Most popular is dwarf red. Dies to ground at frost, returns the next spring.

CULTURE:       Full sun, loose soil, plenty of water and healthy amounts of fertilizer for good blooms. Cut stems to ground after freeze. Tolerates wet feet.

USES:             Use as a background flower or in large open areas.


PROBLEMS:    Wind damage, coarseness.

NOTES:           Easy to grow but too coarse for most residential gardens. Native to the tropics. The red foliage selections tend to have smaller flowers but are better-looking plants.




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