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content_img.757.img.jpgTender herbaceous perennial – Full Sun
Cynara cardunculus  
Ht. 6-8’ Spread 4-5’
sigh-NAH-ra car-doon-KEW-lus 
Spacing 3-4’


HABIT: Large, dramatic plant that should normally be treated as an annual. Huge gray-green, deeply cut, fuzzy leaves. Forms dramatic purple flowers that resemble thistle.


CULTURE: Likes deep, moist soil during the growing season but will rot in wet soil in the winter.


USES: Leaf stalks to soups and stews. Dramatic or decorative specimen or a backdrop plant for larger herb gardens.


PROBLEMS: Can’t stand wet feet. Grows very large, not suitable for small herb gardens.


HARVEST: Use fresh leaf as needed.


NOTES:  Mice like the seed, so be careful with the propagation location. Cardoon is a very close relative of the edible globe artichoke.


Photos submitted by K. Atchley



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