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Carolina Snailseed


Cocculus carolinus (COKE-cue-lus kar-oh-LINN-us)


OTHER COMMON NAMES: Carolina Coralbead, Carolina Moonseed, Red Berried Moonseed, Carolina Red Berried Moonseed


HEIGHT: 10-15’  Spread 10-15’  Spacing  8-10’


content_img.3727.img.jpg    content_img.3728.img.jpg


HABIT:  Small off-white flowers from July to October, clusters of red berries in the fall. Perennial vine for sun to part shade


CULTURE: Fast growing twining native vine with heart shaped leaves and unspectacular flowers, followed by showy clusters of bright, shiny red berries. Vine looks like greenbriar but less lobed and has no thorns.


USES: Native vine, food for wildlife.


PROBLEMS: Considered a weed by most but actually a pretty nice looking vine when kept under control. The problem is that will spread quickly to become quite a pest. It's best to not let it get started.





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