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Cashmere Bouquet


CASHMERE BOUQUET                                 Perennial – Sun to Shade

Clerodendrum bungei                                      Ht. 3’-6’ Spread 6’ and more

kle-ro-DEN-drum BUNG-gee-ee                         Spacing 3’

HABIT:   Fragrant pink to red ½” flowers in 6”-8” clusters. Large dark green leaves with fuzzy undersides. Showy summer flowers. Spreads aggressively by underground suckers. Cut back severely in the spring and pick-prune through the growing season to maintain interesting summer color and texture.

CULTURE: Very easy to grow – maybe a little too easy. Drought tolerant and needs little care. 

USES:  Attracts hummingbirds. Good with other aggressive plants like perilla, Houttuynia, and hoja santa where spreading is not a worry. 

PROBLEMS:  Is very invasive. Clerodendrum paniculatum is the pagoda flower. Clerodendrum speciosissimum is the dramatic java plant.



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