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Cat Litter


Q: I have some clean unused kitty liter left over from the ice and snow this past winter. The label read absorbent clay granules from somewhere in Florida (Lowell). I was wondering if this could be added to some garden dirt , I live on this black waxy gumbo in eastern Mesquite, Texas, and our own home made compost to amend the soil for large pots in which I grow herbs. If this would only make the soil worse and gummy I certainly wouldn't use but wait until the next ice storm and just keep it in the car. Surely don't want the neighborhood cats using my flower pots. My yard is much too shady to plant anything in the ground.


A: No, and you should stop using clay product for cat. They are dangerous to cats and the safe choices are better. Zeolite, paper and cornmeal products are better for your animals and the used material can be put into beds or better still the compost pile.





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