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Chisos Rosewood


Narrowleaf Vauquelinia, Vauquel Bush, Guauyul, Palo Prieto

Botanical name:. Vauquelinia angustifolia

Family: Rosaceae

This is a terrific small evergreen tree that grows in the Trans-Pecos of West Texas, found in dense thickets in dry canyons at elevations of 3,000 to 5,000 feet. Chisos rosewood has good landscape potential for much of Texas and the south. . It has evergreen foliage with long narrow, sharply toothed, dark green leaves and dense clusters of fragrant, white flowers that cover the tree in the spring. Tan fruit capsules ripen in August. It does well in calcareous, alkaline soils as far north as Oklahoma.  Unfortunately, the growers haven't caught on to this great plant yet.

Habit : small tree

Exposure: sun

Flowers: white in spring to early summer

Fruit: tan capsules

Height: to 20 ft. Width: to 30 ft.

Culture: High heat tolerance, drought resistant and can tolerate alkaline soils.

Soil Requirements: alkaline

Problems:  susceptible to rose leaf spot in high humidity area.

Notes:  hard to find in the nursery industry.


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