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Common Name: Chives

Botanical Name: Allium schoenoprassum

Family: Liliaceae


Type and Use: Hardy perennial with edible leaves and flowers.

Location: Full sun to partial shade.

Planting Dates: Transplants in the spring. Seed can be started indoors any time. Outdoors the seed should be planted in the fall.

Planting Method: Division in the fall and early spring. Seed in the winter indoors. Transplant in the spring.

Seed Emergence: 1-2 weeks

Harvest Time: Harvest any time when flowers are in full bloom

Height: 12 inches

Spread: 6 inches

Final Spacing: 6-12 inches

Growth Habits: Onion chives have pink or purple flowers in the early summer. They have dark green, flat leaves. Garlic chives have white flowers in the late summer. They have medium green, round leaves.

Culture: Both onion and garlic chives are easy to grow, especially garlic chives. Once planted, garlic chives will be around forever. In fact, if the white flowers are allowed to go to seed, there will be a sea of chives the next year. Both will grow in any soil, but do best in healthy, loose, well-drained soil. Both need modest fertility.

Troubles & Solutions: Overwatering, snails, slugs, pillbugs. Spray biweekly with Garrett Juice when the young pests first begin to make their appearance in the spring. Spreading aggressively can be controlled by cutting flowers to eat or use for cut flowers. This prevents the scattering of seed.

Harvest and Storage: Cut the flowers when in full bloom and the foliage any time. Serve and eat fresh.

Notes: Chives can be used to season all food including eggs, soups, and sauces. They can also be eaten fresh in salads.

                                    Onion Chives

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