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Clematis, Fall





Clematis terniflora
(KLEM-ah-tis ter-ni-FLOR-uh) Vine


Perennial vine ------ Sun or shade ------ Spacing 3 - 6 inches


Native Clematis


HABIT: Vigorous semi-evergreen high climbing vine with profusion of fragrant white flowers in the late summer.


CULTURE: Easy to grow in any well-drained soil. Low to moderate water and light fertilizer needs. Do not prune the first year.


USES: Climbing vine for fences, arbors, and decorative screens. Late summer flower color.


PROBLEMS: Somewhat aggressive.


NOTES: Correct botanical name is C. maximowicziana. Also called sweet autumn clematis. Native to Japan. C. x jackmanii also does pretty well here in filtered light. Scarlet clematis (C. texensis) is native and has small unusual red flowers.





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