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Clematis, Sweet Autumn

Clematis, Sweet Autumn (Fall Clematis)
 ​Clematis paniculata (KLEM-ah-tis pa-nick-you-LAH-ta)

Perennial - Vine - Sun to Shade, Spacing 3-6’ 
HABIT:  Vigorous semi-evergreen climbing vine with profusion of fragrant 1” white flowers in the late summer. Correct botanical name is C. maximowicziana. Also called sweet autumn clematis. Native to Japan. C. x jackmanii also does pretty well here in filtered light. Scarlet clematis, C. texensis is native and has small unusual red flowers. C. texensis (scarlet clematis) is native and has small unusual red flowers. C. pitcheri is the purple flowering native.
CULTURE:  Easy to grow in any well-drained soil. Low to moderate water and light fertilizer needs. Don’t prune the first year.
USES:  Climbing vine for fences, arbors, and decorative screens. Late summer flower color.
PROBLEMS:  Somewhat aggressive.

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