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CLETHRA Clethra pringlei

Also known as Mexican clethra

FAMILY:  Clethraceae

HEIGHT:  8' - 12'

SPREAD:  4' - 7' 
SUN:  Full sun to part shade
ZONE:  8 - 10

HABIT:  Large broadleaf evergreen shrub or small tree has long racemes of cinnamon scented white flowers in summer June to August. Leaves are elliptic and toothed toward the terminal end. This is a relatively new introduction from Mexico by the folks at Yucca-Do Nursery in Texas. It is actually a medium-sized to large evergreen tree capable of reaching forty feet or more in height. Leaves are stiff and about six inches long. Rusty hairs cover new stems and undersides of leaves. Small white flowers are borne on stiff spikes.  

CULTURE:  Grows well in most soils including alkaline ones. Responds well to moderate fertilizing and water. It ranges from Mexico to Panama at low to middle elevations. It looks like a plant with landscape potential for the Coastal Southeast and should be used more.
USES:  Interesting evergreen hedge or specimen ornamental tree. 


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